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Vehicle Tracking System Information

Who Said Vehicle Tracking Systems Won't Save You Money?

It's true - installing vehicle tracking itself won't reduce the costs of your company vehicles.

The decisions you take, based on the data provided by the vehicle tracking system, will make the difference. In general, businesses report that they save on average of between 10-20% through a reduction in fuel costs as a result of implementing vehicle tracking.  But it's not just about fuel savings.

Making decisions about your vehicles, based on the real time data provided by vehicle tracking, can mean that a company starts to reduce fleet operational costs, while improving vehicle productivity,, as well as enhancing customer service.

If you're looking to improve business profitability during difficult economic circumstances, then the benefits of vehicle tracking can more than outweigh the required spend.  In times of slow economic growth, how you invest can make the difference between business success and failure.  Utilising vehicle tracking could make your business more effective than your competition.  That has to be worth investigating?

Over the last few years, as with many "new" technologies, the prices for vehicle tracking have fallen.  As a result of these price reductions, more often than not, even the smallest fleets can reduce their vehicle costs by implementing a tracking solution. Seeing a quick return on investment is now a distinct possibility.

Fuel prices seem to fluctuate considerably and yet the trend always seems to be upward.  Fuel costs don't have to increase by much to drastically impact on fleet costs. Installing vehicle tracking allows a company to keep an eye on fuel consumption, by highlighting speeding drivers, excessive idling and poor journey plans; making it easier to take appropriate action.

It is common for businesses to believe that they can't afford the initial expense of vehicle tracking. However there are a several payment options to consider, such as leasing; renting or "pay-as-you-go," all of which can mean vehicle tracking is well within the financial reach of most businesses.  Additionally many vehicle tracking companies offer monthly payment plans so now businesses can save more from a tracking system than it costs to put into action.

No matter what the size of your fleet implementing vehicle tracking can positively impact your fleet overheads; reducing fuel costs, verifying mileage claims and driver expenses, as well as other vehicle related expenditure, perhaps even motorway tolls and congestion charges.  In some circumstances you may also be in a position to reduce the cost of your vehicle insurance premiums.

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