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Time And Attendance Information

Time And Attendance Systems - Can You Afford Not To?

One employee wasting just ten minutes a day could cost you over £200 each year. If you have ten employees that's over £2,000.  With Clocking-In-Machines from £140 and Self Installed Swipe and Fingerprint Systems From Only £395 can you afford NOT to have automated time and attendance?

Time and attendance systems will increase productivity and reduce costs.   The costs saved are not simply through reduction in time wasting. On average you could save more than £600 per employee through:

  • improved punctuality
  • eliminating payroll errors
  • Automated time-sheets
  • reduced absence and sickness
  • removing inefficient work activity

Over payment of wages; having too many staff for a project or too few; payroll errors - all these cost may be hidden to you but they can be significant.

Introducing a time and attendance system can result in considerable benefits for a business.

  • Improved punctuality - on average 2hrs can be lost through lateness, early departure and long lunches etc.  You could save an average of £220 per employee.
  • Eliminating payroll errors - on average 2-3% of payroll costs is accounted for by errors.  These could be eliminated with an automated time and attendance system saving around £160 per employee.
  • Automated time-sheets - removing manual time sheets and consequently stopping hours being rounded-up when calculated could save an average of £260 per employee.
  • Reduced absence and sickness - workers are less likely to take unauthorised time off if they know they're monitored.
  • Removing inefficient work activity - using time and attendance systems you can see which activities are productive and which aren't.  In manufacturing industry on average 600 hours are lost to unproductive practises.  Removing these has clear financial benefits for any business.

Why not make your staff more effective - maximise their time and save your money.

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