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Automated Time And Attendance System - Is It Worth It?

As a business owner, you have to watch every pound you spend especially in today's climate.  Naturally you'll think twice before introducing new technology because this invariably entails additional expense without the assurance of corresponding returns.  After all, the manual time and attendance system has been working quite well for you - so why do you need to invest in something more costly?

Well, while it's true that an automated time and attendance system is not for everyone, especially business owners who have a work-force of one or two people, more and more companies are now shifting to an automated system because of the convenience and the savings in terms of both time and money.

Here are four reasons why an automated time and attendance system could be right for your business:

A time and attendance system increases productivity.

With a paper driven system, you have to employ someone to ensure workers are entering their clocking-in time correctly.  With automated time and attendance systems, this becomes redundant. Time and attendance systems, whether they are card readers or biometric scanners, register and log the exact time of entry and exit, ensuring that there are no mistakes.  It is also faster for staff to swipe a card than it is to physically write down the time of entry.

A time and attendance system eliminates errors.

Human errors can be reduced with automated time and attendance system.  Often employees forget to fill in their start time and subsequently have to rely on guesswork later.  This does not work well for anybody whereas with an automated system, your employee usually has to log in to gain entry into the premises, so his time of entry is recorded automatically.

A time and attendance system is less cumbersome.

Sure, having a paper based system is fine as long as you only have a hand full of employees.  However, as your business grows, your employee strength will grow and it will become more and more difficult to keep track of their hours of attendance.  An automated time and attendance system is expandable with all data stored digitally on your computer system.  Bundles of paper are replaced by a small hard drive.

A time and attendance system simplifies book keeping.

Number crunching becomes vastly more difficult with a manual time and attendance system.  All data has to be copied by hand to the company database and then incorporated into the payroll system; something that takes a lot of time and effort.   With an automated time and attendance system however the data can be simply integrated with your payroll database and the monthly salaries are quickly and easily calculated.  Moreover since the data is already in a digital format, it can be used in multiple worksheets without a lot of unnecessary copying.

Automated time and attendance systems are always preferable to manual systems for all but the smallest of companies.  If you have a company that you intend to expand, then at some point you should consider moving to an automated system so you can enjoy the benefits.

If you are interested to learn more please read our time and attendance buyers guide.

If you would like to discuss time and attendance systems in more details and get quotes please click here.

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