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Fuel Card Information

Fuel Cards - Questions To Ask A Fuel Card Company

Once you have all the relevant information to hand about your fuel card requirements (See "Fuel Cards - What You Need To Know"), you're in a position to discuss your requirements with a fuel card provider.

Questions to ask a Fuel Card Supplier:

  1. How much will the fuel cards cost me?  Remember that some cards have annual fees.
  2. How much will you charge me for the fuel I buy using your fuel card?  You should know how they will charge for fuel: a) Do they charge a fixed price over a period (week/month) or b) Do you pay pump price?
  3. How many sites are available to you in their network? a) Where are the sites located? b) Which sites are nearest to your  locations - offices, depots etc
  4. What other charges are involved - are there any hidden charges, for example do they charge for itemised invoices, reporting or online management?
  5. Can you access your account on line and see real-time data?  If so what level of data can you see, for example individual card use?
  6. What customer service do they offer, both during working hours and should they be required out of hours?
  7. Do you have access to your own account manager?
  8. Do they provide PIN security providing personal numbers for drivers?
  9. What other products can be bought using the cards?  Usually you can specify petrol, diesel, oil and accessories but additionally some providers let you use the card for other products in the shop.

Choosing a Fuel Card company:

Don't talk to only one Fuel Card company as they might not have the best deal for you (especially if they only have one fuel card offering - that's the one they'll sell you).  It is preferable to talk to between 3-5 companies to see who can best match your requirements.

You can start your process here by getting quotes for fuel card companies - get quotes.

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