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Fuel Card Information

Fuel Cards - what are the disadvantages?

With so many benefits from Fuel Cards - what if anything are the disadvantages?

  • A fuel card means a restricted network of petrol stations, limited to a particular brand of fuel.  This could mean that drivers have to travel out of their way to find a forecourt where they can refuel.    Potentially wasting time, fuel and money so it is important to select a fuel card provider with a comprehensive and network or one that's convenient, possibly both.
  • Many fuel cards are available only for businesses spending more than £300 per month on fuel so if you buy less the benefits are likely to be limited.
  • Some Fuel card companies charge you a cost-per-card or an annual fee per card issued and while this is usually more than offset by fuel savings it is something to bear in mind
  • Generally the standard payments terms can mean that you receive an invoice every week with the payment taken by direct debit one week later.  This is a shorter credit period than standard credit card terms; however conditions can vary depending on your needs and credit ratings.

You might have a small number of vehicles that deliver locally; or a fleet of vehicles operating nationwide or across Europe or simply employees who use their own vehicles and reclaim mileage - if you're looking to reduce fuel costs, manage vehicle consumption or ensure that your fleet always has access to fuel wherever they are, then a fuel card will benefit your business.

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