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Factoring Information

Invoice Factoring - Ten Reasons To Use It In Your Business

You can rapidly improve your business cash flow by utilising factoring or invoice finance.

The majority of small business failures are actually a result of cash flow and not profit problems.

Ten reasons why you could use invoice finance or factoring for your business:

  1. It's a swift and simple process
  2. Factoring or invoice discounting generates immediate working capital
  3. You get up to 90% of your invoice values received with in 24 hours
  4. Your available funds grow as your sales increase
  5. Invoice finance provides regular cash flow which allows you to develop firm plans
  6. You can increase your marketing efforts to facilitate growth
  7. Invoice Finance provides an important source of capital that's not a loan
  8. You can reduce your stress levels caused by having insufficient cash to meet your business obligations
  9. The funds provided through factoring are based around the financial strength of your customers and not simply your business or personal credit rating
  10. You can offer better credit terms to customers allowing you to attract more business

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