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Vizual Management Solutions

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Vizual Management Solutions

CaptureIT Time and Attendance Systems suitable for all businesses

Improve your staff management, save time and money by installing a CaptureIT time and attendance System.

The CaptureIT time & attendance system, from Vizual, helps you to monitor every aspect of the time your employee's spend in work.

The flexible and scalable nature of the CaptureIT Time and Attendance system makes it the perfect choice for all businesses that need real time attendance data and reports.

CaptureIT is a time recording system designed to capture all attendance data from within the workplace. It has a user friendly interface that allows you to monitor and report on every aspect of the time employees spend in the business.  The flexible set-up ensures that the time and attendance software can be configured to suit any business environment.

Key Features and Benefits of CaptureIT Time & Attendance System

  • Employees can clock in using a range of clocking-in options including a terminal and/or their PC.
  • Helps you to manage absences, lateness and sickness
  • Includes a full flexitime management system
  • Eliminate buddy clocking using biometric identification
  • Option to transfer attendance data to your payroll software (including Sage and Pegasus payroll)
  • Link to your fire alarm to produce an automatic fire roll call
  • Calculates hours and overtime automatically
  • Reduces the burden of administration and paperwork
  • Access control and door entry system module included
  • Job labour costing bolt on module available

Effectively manage absence, staff holidays, your flexitime scheme, the fire roll call, remote workers and your payroll. Extract any number of management reports relating to attendance data which can be emailed to managers for immediate action.

CaptureIT allows you to "mix and match" various clocking-in technologies within the same time and attendance system providing complete flexibility to implement the most appropriate solution.   Vizual will advise which technologies will be the best for your business; carefully explaining the pros and cons of each option.

You can manage your workforce whether they're office based or remote workers.  The CaptureIT Time & Attendance clocking-in options include biometric fingerprint identification, proximity swipe card, PC based clocking-in or clocking-in via the internet, using a web browser or mobile phone.

Making the right choice of Time & Attendance system depends on a number of factors, such as your working environment, network capabilities, links between sites and usual location of employees.

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"CaptureIT has proved to be cost effective to the business and employees are now paid based on accurate time recording" James Wilde, Payroll Manager, Matalan.

Matalan improve on business efficiency and reduce costs

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By implementing CaptureIT time and attendance system, Ravenstock MSG Ltd now have access to accurate, up the minute attendance and payroll data across the whole group.

Accurate, up the minute attendance and payroll data

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"considerable saving has been made in the payroll department, with input time reduced by 50% and errors and queries considerably reduced. Finally the hardware, both time clocks and line-drivers, have performed well and have been trouble-free." Terry Hunt, IT Manager, Minky

Considerable payroll savings with Capture IT Time and Attendance System

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Leading suppliers of Time and Attendance systems

Vizual specialises in workforce management software solutions.

Vizual time and attendance solutions are designed to help you manage your workforce more effectively and save you money.   Recording every aspect of your employee's time and attendance has been proven to cut costs and streamline procedures.   CaptureIT provides real time management information and combines time recording options to suit all business types.

As a supplier of time and attendance systems; as well as human resource, payroll, job costing and access control solutions, the number one priority is to deliver complete customer satisfaction.

The Vizual consultants are specialists in their field with a minimum of six years service delivering CaptureIT time and attendance systems to a satisfied customer base. Why not read our case studies.

All the Vizual people you will talk to are non-commission based and, unlike other suppliers, maximising contract value is not a factor in the construction of a Vizual proposal.

Improve your staff management and reduce your costs - start now.

Vizual Management Solutions
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CaptureIT flexible Time and Attendance solutions for business

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