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Celtrak Limited

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Celtrak Limited

Web-based Vehicle Tracking Systems from Celtrak

Celtrak specialises in the delivery of customised, integrated vehicle tracking systems and fleet management solutions. Celtrak combine proven technology with an unparalleled track record in delivery of vehicle tracking solutions which puts them in a unique position to meet the immediate and ongoing requirements of customers.

Celtrak offers a complete range of web-based vehicle tracking solutions that include:

Fleetwatch - A highly flexible solution for vehicle tracking and fleet management.  Fleetwatch is an efficient, easy-to-use web-based Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management Solution, providing around the clock visibility and control of a mobile workforce [Read more]

Fleetwatch lite - The entry level vehicle tracking solution.  Fleetwatch lite is an affordable fleet management solution.  Fleetwatch lite provides a vehicle tracking system for companies wanting "no frills" vehicle tracking 24 hours a day. [Read more]

Driverite - an affordable driving behaviour solution designed to encourage good driving behaviour; improving safety and reducing costs.  [Read more]


Celtraks approach to vehicle tracking is broken down into five stages.

Throughout each stage the Celtrak team work closely with the customer to ensure they remain up-to-date with progress and are 100% satisfied.

Celtrak are in a unique position.  Celtrak own the full end-to-end vehicle tracking solution, from the design of the hardware through to the software and hosting.

Celtrak's in-house team work with a business to design a customised solution, which guarantees the specific needs are met.

Celtrak will intergrate their tracking solution into your existing back-office functions to maximise your return.


Celtrak Vehicle Tracking System Solutions


Fleetwatch vehicle tracking has been successfully applied in a wide range of industries, including logistics, distribution, public sector, security and utilities.  Fleetwatch has become the preferred choice for thousands of customers - big and small.

This state-of-the-art vehicle tracking package provides real-time data on vehicles to produce cost savings, improve productivity, increase efficiency and deliver superior customer service.

Fleetwatch vehicle tracking benefits

  • Reduced cost - fleetwatch vehicle tracking saves a business money by reduced fuel bills, better job allocation, accurate invoicing and higher overall fleet efficiency
  • Improved customer service  through better response times and delivery reliability
  • Increased Workforce Productivity, through vehicle visibility and route optimisation
  • Asset protection - utilising Fleetwatch vehicle tracking solution you can determine the exact location of any asset reducing the risks of your investment getting lost or assisting in the prompt recovery of those assets if they have been stolen
  • Return on investment.  Celtrak work with their customers to make sure that Fleetwatch vehicle tracking solutions bring a significant return.

Fleetwatch vehicle tracking features include;

  • Track & Trace - real time vehicle tracking of the entire fleet through Google Maps.
  • Driver Behaviour - you can log speeding, idling, braking, harsh acceleration, cruise control, odometer readings to proactively reduce fuel and vehicle maintenance costs while improving road safety.
  • Fuel management - Monitor fuel levels, usage trends and CO2 emissions to reduce transport costs and meet compliance requirements
  • Security - options include curfew alarm, movement alarm, real time tracking, support assist alarm, lone worker, geofence, heartbeat alert
  • Operation - 3rd Party Integration, datafeed (e.g. XML, SOAP), route optimisation, task management, postcode finder.
  • Reporting - a robust suite of reports include fuel expenditure, Idling, vehicle location, position history, working time summaries, journey reports, vehicle utilisation, unauthorised vehicle usage and driver behaviour

Fleetwatch lite

Fleetwatch lite tracking solution is an efficient, easy-to-use solution that will provide overall visibility of your mobile assets and deliver real cost savings for your business.  An ideal solution for companies with a requirement for an entry-level vehicle tracking solution.

Fleetwatch lite vehicle tracking benefits include:

  • 24/7 vehicle tracking - real time visibility on your fleet. Users also benefit from vehicle journey and position reporting
  • High quality global mapping - Celtrak fleetwatch lite software will provide real time fleet visibility regardless of geographic location
  • Real-time location information - provide customers with up-to-date, accurate information on deliveries
  • Ease-of-use - easy to install, requiring  just 2 hours training so  your business benefits from accurate and reliable fleet tracking on Day1

Fleetwatch lite vehicle tracking features:

  • Track & Trace - real time vehicle tracking of your fleet through Google Maps to improve efficiency of daily fleet operations
  • Driver Behaviour - Monitor speeding and idling to proactively reduce fuel and vehicle maintenance costs while improving road safety.
  • Security - options include curfew alarm (out-of-hours driving), movement alarm (unauthorised usage) and on-demand vehicle tracking
  • Reporting -reports include GPRS/position history, journey & vehicle summary, alarm history


Driverite tracking solution is a driving behaviour solution designed to encourage good driving behaviour with its in-cab feedback unit. The data is transmitted via GPRS to the Celtrak servers and presented via a web based interface.

Driverite tracking system benefits Include:

  • Improved safety - Educate and proactively monitor driving behaviour to improve road safety
  • Encourage driver responsibility - Celtrak driverite software will provide in-cab feedback to promote good driver behaviour
  • Reduce fuel and maintenance costs - monitor fuel and generate cost savings by minimizing braking, idling, speeding etc.   Celtrak customers have experienced fuel savings of up to 15%
  • Driver training initiatives - monitor and demonstrate improvements and use as a driver training tool

Driverite tracking features include:

  • In-cab feedback - immediate in-cab feedback showing when predefined thresholds have been exceeded; allowing drivers to modify and improve driving behaviour
  • Driver behaviour rating - captures events as they occur to produce a driver rating.  These can be used to benchmark drivers, to set training and identify best practise and improvement needs.
  • Support Assist - provides emergency facility to alert co-workers that assistance is required
  • Duty of care - system log-ins provided for all levels of the organisation
  • Reporting - records of all logged events, provides positional reports, trend analysis and target ratings

Celtrak have a range of world-class vehicle tracking solutions. Services include solutions architecture, business analysis, system development, configuration management and  on-going implementation support.

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Celtrak's technology helps operators of long haul transport fleets to improve security and reduce operating costs, in particular fuel costs - as well as ensuring peace of mind in the knowledge that goods are secure in transit.

Vehicle Tracking for Bakker Barendrecht

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Balfour Beatty Utility Solutions selected Celtrak as their dedicated telematics supplier and development partner to deliver telemetry based solutions and services in key business areas to provide a range of benefits, from improved asset management to a more efficient work force structure.

Balfour Beatty select Celtrak Vehicle Tracking System

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A phased implementation of the fleet management solution across the entire waste collection fleet and in multiple depots.

Greenstar - fleet management helps with compliance

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Bespoke Vehicle Tracking Solutions - Celtrak

Celtrak vehicle tracking systems have the capabilities to support any size of organisation, from small businesses through to international companies such as Thermo King, Balfour Beatty and Bulmers.  Celtrak specialise in providing customised and integrated vehicle tracking solutions for businesses. The Celtrak development team work directly with customers to deliver highly flexible and customised vehicle tracking solutions that are configured to the unique business needs.

Celtrak have a dedicated account management team that work with customers to understand the business requirements and to provide solutions which ensure a measurable return-on-investment is generated from the vehicle tracking system.   A fully manned customer support desk is available to handle all technical support issues.

Established in 2000, Celtrak provide vehicle tracking solutions for leading businesses over a wide range of industries, from utilities to logistics and distribution, public sector to insurance companies, across 30 countries worldwide.

Celtrak Limited
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Customised Vehicle Tracking Solutions And Fleet Management

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