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Astrata Europe Limited

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Astrata Europe Limited

Powerful vehicle tracking to increase business profitability

GPS-based vehicle tracking or fleet management solutions are no longer in the realm of Big Brother or larger vehicle fleets. Today vehicle tracking systems are powerful management tools that can help businesses dramatically increase their profitability while maintaining a superior standard of customer service.

Astrata has flexible vehicle tracking and asset management solutions for fleets of all sizes with prices starting from only £150.00 per unit. Improve your business profitability through improved fleet management by monitoring your fleet using Astrata vehicle tracking solutions.

With Astrata vehicle tracking you can;

  • Locate your vehicles in real time
  • View driver performance
  • Organise your vehicles & manpower
  • Receive vehicle alerts - for example,  unauthorised vehicle movement

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How does GPS vehicle tracking work?

GPS vehicle tracking allows you to see what is happening with your business fleet. It allows you or your fleet manager to instantly locate all of your vehicles and is accessible on virtually any computer with Internet access.

Astrata GPS vehicle tracking is the accurate location of assets and vehicles using satellites to fix the coordinates.  This vehicle tracking data is calculated every 20-30 seconds and then stored by the system, including vehicle location and speed.

What are the business benefits of using Astrata vehicle tracking solutions?

By introducing vehicle tracking you could save 6% of your fuel costs, on average and reduce your operating costs by up to 10%.

Benefits of vehicle tracking include:

  • Increased productivity through reductions in unauthorised travel.
  • Accurate time records, allowing you to verify timesheets or respond to customer queries
  • You can ensure the safety of your staff.  You know where your staff are at all times and  you can monitor their driving hours
  • Reduced maintenance and repair costs. A vehicle tracking system allows you to watch driving habits; checking for excessive speed, harsh acceleration and braking, and even excessive idling time. Poor driving increases fleet maintenance and repair costs as well as vehicle fuel consumption.
  • Improved effectiveness thorough real time vehicle tracking.  You can dispatch the closest available vehicle to a job resulting in fuel savings, increased productivity and revenue improvement.  You can schedule more jobs throughout the day.

Astrata's Geo-Location Platform (GLP) offers the latest technology for advanced real time vehicle and asset tracking.

The Astrata GLP100 is the new generation with higher signal sensitivities and built-in capabilities for tilt and rollover detection as well as black-box type storage of data in the event of an accident.

Astrata GLP100 vehicle tracking can be rapidly installed in any vehicle as there are no antennas to mount and no antenna cable throughout the vehicle.  In fact for basic vehicle tracking there's only three wires to connect.

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Astrata GLP100 vehicle tracking features:

  • Interactive Map Displays
  • Driver Profiling and Reporting
  • Geofencing
  • Asset Reporting
  • Violation Reporting
  • Communications (Email and SMS alerts)
  • Asset sensor reporting
Astrata Europe Limited

Astrata GLP100 is the latest technology for advanced real-time vehicle and asset tracking.

Astrata GLP100 - advance real-time vehicle tracking

More information...

Astrata vehicle tracking and asset management solutions

The Astrata Group was created in 2004 and now has offices throughout the world.  Astrata has grown by remaining innovative and continuously incorporating new technologies into its vehicle tracking and asset management solutions.

Astrata's specialise in advanced location-based IT services and solutions (GEO-IT) that combine GPS positioning, wireless communications and geographical information technologies, to enable businesses to monitor, track, or control the movement of personnel, vehicles, machinery, or other assets.

Astrata vehicle tracking and asset management solutions are offered to businesses that require accurate, reliable location information.  It's Astrata's focus on vehicle tracking and asset management solutions that add values and generate greater management and control for customers.

Through wireless communication and positioning technology, Astrata, offers vehicle tracking and asset management solutions to customers that allow them real-time connectivity between their assets in the field and the office.  In so doing, Astrata's customers make more informed decisions based on location and time.  The net result being an increase in productivity, improved driver safety and environmental benefits through reduced fuel consumption.

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Vehcile tracking and asset management

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