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Why Vehicle Tracking Is important

Why Vehicle Tracking Is Important

Vehicle Tracking - What is it?

A vehicle tracking system provides a method of observing and monitoring a vehicles location using an electronic tracking device in the vehicle together with software that pinpoints and records its movement.

Passive tracking and active tracking are the two types of vehicle tracking available.  Passive tracking can usually start once a vehicle is started or unlocked.  Passive tracking tracks both the location of the vehicle and its speed.  Once the vehicle returns to its base the tracking device can be removed and the relevant data downloaded.

Active tracking, as the name might suggest, tracks a vehicles activity in real-time and the relevant information is transmitted to a computer system can be viewed at all times and the vehicles location known.  Some vehicle tracking systems utilise elements of both active and passive tracking which means that tracking information is still collected even when the vehicle is in a area with poor wireless reception.

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Why Vehicle Tracking is important

When you want to manage your business fleet then vehicle tracking has several important benefits. Vehicle tracking will help with route planning and fleet management.  When you know where you vehicles are at any one time then route planning and customer service visits are easier to organise and arrange making vehicles more efficient and saves a business money - improving time management and reducing fuel costs.  Additionally you can reduce your fleet insurance costs as you are tracking your business asset at all times including if it is stolen.

Using vehicle tracking in your vehicles also allows you to monitor the activity of your drivers.  A vehicle tracking device can measure speed as well as revving and braking consequently you can make sure employees avoid speeding fines as well as making sure the vehicles are driven appropriately.

Is vehicle tracking only suitable for businesses

Where vehicle tracking is used by individual vehicle owners it's generally to deter theft and to locate the vehicle in the event that it is stolen.  Should the vehicle need to be located because of some emergency the fitted tracking device will help pinpoint the vehicle to make sure relevant assistance arrives promptly.  Installing vehicle tracking will mean reduced insurance costs because if the vehicle is stolen it is more likely to be recovered.  Reduced insurance premiums can be a significant benefit if the drivers are teenagers who usually have high premiums.

Additionally some insurance companies will offer reduced insurance premiums for young adults where a vehicle tracking device is installed and shows that he vehicle is not been driven at excessive speed - consequently lowering the risk for the insurance company.

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