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Examples of Previous Vehicle Tracking Requests
Vehicle Tracking For Delivery & Collection Service, Surrey A delivery & collection services business is looking for vehicle tracking systems for their 5 company vehicles. They currently have a contract with Boxtelematics, which ends on the 15th July and they are looking for a tracking systems that has a panic button facility - this is very important to them. Additionally the business want the usual vehicle tracking system functionality such as identifying speeding, idle engines, access to historical data, as well as a fast update so that they can accurately advise customers when the driver is due to arrive. They have requested that the vehicle tracking systems has excellent coverage across the UK.
Tracking Devices For Lawn Mower & Garden Machinery Business A lawn mower business has 2 vehicles on the road. They believe that they have a particular problem with one driver and they have received complaints about speeding. They are looking at vehicle tracking devices that, can not only track where the vehicles are at any point but importantly, can track if the vehicle is speeding. They are aware of the additional cost in fuel used by excessive speeding and would like to use the tracking to reduce costs. The decision will come down to price and the business wants to look at various vehicle tracking options before making a decision.
Vehicle Tracking for Fire Protection Engineers, Yorkshire A Fire Protection business is looking for vehicle tracking systems.  They currently have 25 vehicles and they want a tracking system to monitor where their vehicles are at anytime. They provide security lighting and safety service, so when they get a call from a customer they want to be able to redirect the closest driver. Also they are keen to find tracking devices that will help them monitor when an engine is running idle as they want to control fuel costs.
HGV Leasing Company - Vehicle Tracking, Harlow A van & HGV leasing/contract hire business has a fleet of 100 vehicles that they hire out (Spot Hire) and they are looking to purchase a very basic vehicle tracking system that can be installed primarily with a view to find the vehicle if stolen. Generally the drivers will not be employees and so driver behaviour is not relevant.  At present they have spoken to SmartTrak.
Vehicle Tracking Devices For Plumbers, Peterborough A plumbing business is looking for a couple of vehicle tracking devises initially. However they have an expansion plan and what to get a vehicle tracking system in place early on so that new drivers will have a van already fitted with vehicle tracking when they start employment. The business is interested in monitoring some driver behaviour issues such as speeding, vehicles running idle etc, but mainly they want to track their vans to ensure that they are on route or at the customers and that the vans remain within the working area which is approx 40 mile radius. Their drivers will be taking the vehicles home so the tracking devices will need to monitor the use of vehicles outside normal working hours as well as any additional mileage.
Vehicle Tracking System for Courier, North-East A courier company requires a vehicle tracking system for their 14 vehicles. Each vehicle makes an average of 4 delivery drops per day and the business wants to monitor the exact time of arrival and/or deliver times. Additionally the business is interested to know about monitoring driver behaviour but it is not overly familiar with the benefits. The key area would be to highlight the cost savings that can be made using a vehicle tracking system, after installation and set-up as the buyer is concerned about cost of tracking. They have approached one other tracking company - which is RAM.
Vehicle Tracking For Business Start-Up, Preston A Container Transport Operator currently has 2 HGVs and they want vehicle tracking on both. This is a new business that started in December 2011.  The business is interested in finding out more about tracking driver behaviour; to monitor speeding or engines running idle in order to reduce fuel consumption.
Local Courier Company Wants Vehicle Tracking, Coventry A courier business has 15 vehicles which are focused on deliveries within one post code area. They require a vehicle tracking system that will allow them to monitor driver behaviour with a particular emphasis on fuel consumption. The business is interested to know about the options to switch the vehicle tracking devices from one vehicle to another and whether this incurs additional costs.
Vehicle Tracking For Skip Hire Company A skip hire business currently has 6 vehicles - a mix of skip trucks, LCV vans and cars. Additionally the business has approx 5 further assets which they are looking at suitable tracking devices. 2 of these business assets are stationary and based at their site, but tracking is required in case of theft. The business has their own a qualified fitter/electrician and were hoping that they could use him to install the required tracking devices.  This is not an essential requirement but it is a strong preference. The business vehicles usually work within a 50 mile radius of head office. The buyer has spoken to Navman and from a company called Concept but these companies could only offer vehicle tracking systems and the buyer would prefer to have both vehicle tracking and plant/asset tracking devices through the same supplier.
Tracking System For Office Furniture Company, Oldham An office furniture business requires vehicle tracking devices for 2 LCV vans that mainly cover the North of England, but occasionally will go further afield.  The main things the business requires of a tracking system is to monitor start and end times of journeys as well as the locations of the vehicles.
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