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Vehicle Tracking And UK Law

Legal Aspects Of Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle Tracking Devices - How Do They Work

What is GPS?

Satellites in space provide positioning information (GPS - Global Positioning Systems) for various forms of technology; from mobile phones to boats and planes and other vehicles.  These satellites provide real-time information that is assimilated into vehicle tracking devices.

In order to provide information the satellites communicate with earth based receievers, that in turn use the information to plot the satellites position and subsequently pinpoint the relevant position of GPS devices.  It is accepted that positioning via GPS will be accurate to around three to fifteen metres or ten to fifty feet.

What Are The Legalities Of Vehicle Tracking

Provided that you make your drivers aware that a vehicle is being tracked then vehicle tracking is legal in the UK.  With a vehicle tracking device you can monitor routes taken, the speed of the vehicle and private mileage all of which means that you can save money by reducing time wasting, save on fuel costs and improve safety through reduced speeding etc.  However some drivers may resent the fact that they are being monitored.

You have to inform your drivers because tracking a vehicle without a driver's agreement is illegal.  You should discuss the implications of installing tracking with your drivers and the benefits to them.  Drivers with bad driving habits will have to behave in future and so vehicles that are tracked are likely to be safer and more efficient.

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