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b2b dating

b2b dating

At Incisive Business we help you save time and money by finding suppliers for the things your business needs. It's free to use. Come to Incisive Business, provide us with the details of your requirements and let us build a short list of suppliers who want to provide a quote for you. We focus on your needs so that you don't have to!

We build relationships with high quality suppliers who have appropriate solutions specifically for a business like yours. We act as a go between introducing buyers to suppliers. It's like business-to-business dating. We are paid by the suppliers for introducing businesses that match their target customer.

Making business happen (why use Incisive Business)

Business buyers use Incisive Business when they need products or services; they're short of time, and want to make informed decisions about the potential companies that can provide the solution. Solutions include Fuel Cards, Invoice Finance, Vehicle Tracking, Time and Attendance Systems and Business Insurance.

Working as a go-between Incisive Business helps businesses solve their purchasing problems by introducing creditable suppliers and providing advice, information and support.

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For suppliers, who want to grow their business to business sales, we provide quality targeted sales leads with a high conversion rate.

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How it works

  • Choose a category
    Choose the product or service from the list that you'd like quotes for
  • Fill out a quick easy form
    Enter your requirements to gain access to your quotes
  • Receive your FREE quotes
    We'll put you in touch with up to 5 companies matching your requirements

Buyers guides

We provide a selection of guides to relevant business products and services; together with tips to help you get relevant quotes and to make an informed decision.


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